Saturday, November 5, 2011

Other Web 2.0 Tools

Though I participated in the Lync session about Google Docs, I thought I'd check out some of these Web 2.0 tools anyway. Google really has some amazing applications. I had only heard of Google Docs, but never really bothered using it before. What truly impressed me about Google Docs was the ability to collaborate and edit a document with others. I also decided to set up my own Google Calendar. It is really easy to do and (hopefully) will help me with staying on target with my daily tasks and remind me of events. Google Maps is a tool I use ALL the time...I'm so dreadful with directions. I can definitely see this latter Google tool being useful in a public library setting. I'm sure librarians are asked for directions quite frequently and being able to pull up Google Maps, plug in the data and get directions quickly is just so convenient and time saving.

Just for fun, I also decided to check out some other Web 2.0 apps listed on that Web 2.0 Awards list. I really liked Urbanspoon, which lists and reviews restaurants in your area. I know I will be using it in the future when considering where to go and grab a bite to eat! Pandora also seemed really fun. I was able to listen to my favorite music very easily.

Wufoo seemed really interesting and useful. It allows to to easily and freely create forms and surveys to collect information. This could certainly come in handy for a library if they wish to conduct surveys about their services. LibraryThing also seems as if it would be a very useful tool for both an individual and a library. The one downside to LibraryThing is that there are fees involved. If, for instance, you wanted to create a catalog for your own books at home, the first 200 books would be free, but cataloging any more than that would cost you either $10 a year or $25 for lifetime membership. I definitely don't have anywhere near 200 books in my possession, so I think I'm good for now! As per libraries, LibraryThing offers some really neat extra features to the library's OPAC, such as a virtual library shelf, tagging, recommended reading, reviews, etc. However, these features do apparently come with a price tag.

There were quite a few other Web 2.0 tools I had never heard of that I know I will explore in the future. I am especially keen in looking into the professional networking applications, like LinkedIn. I cannot believe how much is available out there.

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