Saturday, October 1, 2011

Explored YouTube

YouTube is one of those sites I visit quite frequently. Most of the time it is for entertainment purposes, such as  looking up music videos or clips from old TV shows. However, I also have used it a great deal for educational purposes. Just this past week, for instance, I have used YouTube for looking up different kinds of tutorials to help me make my personal website. What I like best about YouTube is that it is very user-friendly and offers you suggestions for other videos along the side. Perhaps the downside to YouTube is that, owing to the shear volume of videos it contains, oftentimes you may get some crummy videos included in you search results.
As per libraries using YouTube, I believe they can be great instructional tools for librarians and patrons. I found two YouTube videos relating to libraries. The first was more of an entertaining video. It showed Mr. Bean in a library accidentally destroying a very valuable library book. How can you go wrong with Mr. Bean? The second was definitely a great educational video for an elementary school library. What I particularly liked about this latter video was that the school library made both fun and educational. It shows students the different resources their school library has to offer and how to access that information.   

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  1. Oh man, I haven't heard the name Mr. Bean in forever. Don't get me wrong I love british comedy as much as the next person, but Rowan Atkinson is almost never seen nowadays. I have always loved youtube users that upload documentaries or clips of documentaries. I am an random information nut and Youtube is a great source for that. I also use it to find out news from all over the world. I don't normally use normal news sites, so youtube is pretty much my only source for international information.