Saturday, October 22, 2011

Delved into Delicious

Well, I decided to check out this thing called Delicious. Never heard of it before (like so many of the other things in this Learning 2.0 activity). Unfortunately the 8-minute Delicious tutorial would not work for me, but I did check out the other two resources. In my case, I found I learned more by just going into Delicious and playing around with it. Thankfully it was very easy to set up and I amazed myself at how quickly I picked up on linking to other sites and tagging them. Usually it takes me FOREVER to learn stuff on my own. The user-friendliness of Delicious is perhaps its most positive attribute. I also liked the simplicity of its layout. Personally, I do not know if this will be a tool I'd use a whole lot. I don't usually bookmark a lot of websites to begin with. But it's nice to know it's there if I need it and it does seem like a slightly more organized way of organizing and managing websites you want to bookmark. It seems to me that this would be more ideal for individual use rather than for library use, but I suppose libraries could find creative ways of using Delicious. It certainly can be a very nifty tool for students doing research, allowing them to keep track of and classify the material they're using.

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